CYFA Bylaws

The Collinsville Football Youth Association adopted bylaws in 2016 to assist in creating a formal vision and corporate structure for the Football Club. Please click the link below to be directed to the bylaws and contact any of the board members for more information concerning the bylaws.

CYFA Bylaws – 2017

Proposals to amend the bylaws was discussed at the December Board Meeting, formal discussion and voting will take place at the All-Member Annual Meeting on January 18, 2019 at the Collinsville Middle School, those proposals include:

  • Article V (8) to elect grade representatives to a general position for freely appoint grades, not to create a conflict of interest;
  • Article VI Grade Representative responsibilities to vet assistant coaches in conjunction with appointed head coaches;
  • Article VIII Clarification of participation rules for head and assistant coaches, and language on background checks for all coaches.

Bylaws were voted on and passed. The updated bylaws will be uploaded once all approved language is installed into the document. 

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