Frequently Asked Questions from Collinsville Youth Football:

What is the INFC? The INFC stands for Indian Nations Football Conference. This is the parent conference which Collinsville Youth Football is associated with. The INFC handles all scheduling of pre-season, post-season, and league games. Collinsville Youth Football is an INFC league sanctioned club and thusly fall under all rules set forth by the Conference. 

How do I contact the CYFA? You may contact the CYFA through the Grade Represenatives or by emailing the club at CYF1850@yahoo.com. Emails are checked regularly and will be answered in a timely manner. 

How do I register my son to play football? Football registration runs from April 1 – July 20. Visit http://www.sportabase.com to register your son to play.

I am interested in a head coaching position or assistant, how do I apply? Applications will be activated in January 2018 for head coach and assistant coach positions. The applications will be collected and interviews will be held in the Spring.

How much are the league dues for football? League dues vary based on time of signup. From April 1 – May 31, $100; June 1 – June 30, $125; July 1 – July 31, $150. 

How much are the uniforms? Uniforms are $105 for the 2017 season. This includes pants with integrated pads and two jerseys.

What other equipment will my son need for the football season? All participants will need to have a helmet, shoulder pads, mouth piece, football cleats, practice jersey and practice pants.

Does the CYFA provide equipment for football players? A limited amount of helmets and shoulder pads are available for season rental through the CYFA. Ask your coach or a board member for more information.

When are games played? Games are played on Saturday starting on August 26, 2017. Check the Team Schedules page for more information.

Where are the games played? All home games are played at Sallee Field. Away games are played at the home field of the opponent.

Where are practices held? Practices are held at various locations. Your sons coach will notify you of the practice location and times. 

How do I know what team my son is on? Depending on sign up numbers, there will be one team or multiple teams. Once all teams are finalized, your sons coach will contact you to provide further information.